Wednesday, June 13, 2007

    Illegal Aliens Is A Family Issue

    More than 165 illegal alien workers, hired by Del Monte - a well know employer of illegals - were rounded up in Portland yesterday.

    Portland is governed by a leftist guerrilla by the name of Tom Potter. This mayor endorses burning American flags, shitting on American flags, businesses banning men and women in uniform from entry, and protects criminal aliens as well as giving the illegals resources robbed from hard working taxpayers.
    • Fact: Del Monte will have no problem filling those 165+ jobs previously done by illegals - filling them with legal workers. So much for the lie that illegals do jobs legal workers won't do.
    • Fact: Illegal sympathizers like President Bush are playing the guilt card - that immigration laws hurt families. What these illegal supporters don't tell you are the families that are being hurt:
      • The legal families that can't find a job because some illegal has taken it.
      • The legal families that have to pinch pennies because the mounting taxes, fees, and other government money-sucking schemes that go to pay for illegal's "social needs" are placing heavy burdens upon them.
      • The legal families that are forced to send their children to government schools along with children of illegals - and are faced with crime, assault, and other pressures from these criminal kids.
      • The legal families that can't feed their children because some illegals got to the food bank before them.
      • The legal families that can't get proper healthcare because the illegals are swamping the healthcare system - usually showing up in emergency rooms and never paying for anything.
    Yes, illegal aliens are a family issue. Each day that goes by more of these scumbags infiltrate our society. We have a president the is pushing hard to force Americans to "accept" these criminals. We have anti-Americans like that socialist joker Mayor Potter that has no problems giving away the precious resources of hard working legal taxpayers - to illegals.

    AND - why isn't the IRS investigating the records of the companies that have employed these illegals? I'm sure tax fraud, unreported payroll taxes, and unreported income to employees is involved. Sort of seems like these raids are more of a token thing than enforcement, huh?

    Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff? This joker should be fired for being a total incompetent.

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