Tuesday, July 10, 2007

    Fear Sells - Global Warming

    This past weekend's Live Earth Gorevent is a great example of marketing fear. The nine concerts around the world did little to help any environmental cause, but is sure make lots and lots of money for a few - especially those charged with cleaning up the mega-tons of waste left by so-called concerned environmentalists. I'm waiting for the first of these hypocritical superstars to announce they are giving up private jets and taking public transportation. It will be a very long wait.

    One of the biggest ways to market something is to use fear. Global warming does exactly that. Now I'm a very conscientious recycler, and I believe in holding polluters accountable, but we live on a planet and this planet has cycles. Someone please tell Al Gore about the Ice Age, and about how the Great Lakes were formed - please! Zillions of years ago the planet warmed, glaciers melted and even moved amass across huge land masses. Then the Earth got cold again.

    Profiteers have turned a natural cycle into a fear movement. Socialists love it because they see only governments able to "tackle" this fear with bigger government, more regulations, more taxes, etc. Have the media continue to pump it into the minds of people around the world and pretty soon people will assume it must be true.

    The most incredible idiotic business of GW is buying atonement for your carbon sins through the purchase of carbon credits. I have see everything from "Carbon Offset Mortgages" to online sites where you can enter an airline flight from-to information, and it will calculate your carbon footprint (using some bullshit equation), then of course you can purchase your offset credit, lol, lol, lol.

    So GW hits people in two ways with fear in order to suck money from them. [1] The Earth will self destruct, and [2] the fear of guilt.

    BTW, if you plan to go to the Oregon Country Fair this year they are offering the option to "Green your ticket" - for $1.00 of course.

    Oh P.T. Barnum, you were so right - "There's a sucker born every minute".

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