Monday, August 13, 2007

    Better Days Gone By - Cities

    Yesterday the Red Guard had an entry from 1877 - from one of the Sunday sections called This Week In History:
    1877: The City Council passed an ordinance calling for the arrest of "all persons loafing around town who follow no employment nor have any visible means of support, and our city officers are determined to strictly enforce the law. Hereafter, Eugene city will be a mighty good place for vagrants to stay away from."
    This represented a time when the local government represented the people that actively made up the community - that had a vested interest in their homes and business, and even the very streets they walked.

    If you live in a liberal-controlled city like I do, these "Progressives" have progressed back in time - before such a law above existed. We now live in a town where liberals focus on the extreme minority of homeless (by choice), drug addicts, and scum and defocus on the majority of residents that pay into the city. These worthless city councilors call their endeavor "diversity" - and many businesses have left because of these liberals and the choices they've made.

    Just one example is a Starbucks on 7th avenue where 105 dumps out. I use to go there, but not anymore. The city councilors allow vagrants and drug addicts to stand on the adjacent corner with hands out for money. They go into the Starbucks to use the bathroom and leave a trashy mess. So, I have a choice - and I no longer patronize that store. I'm sure others have made the same choices.

    Eugene has an area dubbed "West Broadway". This area has potential but the same diversity sensitivity directives come from the liberal city councilors - leave the scum alone. Several businesses have either quit or totally moved because the people with money to spend refuse to go to this area - they don't feel safe.

    Now the same liberal fools are talking about a "revitalization" program for that area. There are three possibilities:

    1: Do nothing - this is the current action and has been the current "action" for years. Don't even try and remove the undesirables.

    2: Rebuild the area with "diversity", "affordable housing", and all sorts of liberal twips. This will keep the druggies, the homeless-by-choice, the scum, the low life, etc. in the area. Each contractor they have contacted knows the outcome of this, and wants Eugene to put up lots of money upfront.

    3: Rebuild the area with the residents with money in mind. Put in high scale condos, encourage upper class businesses, remove the low life scum. This will bring in the desired traffic that is willing to spend money and patronize downtown. Push the low life scum up to Portland where they will be loved and cuddled by the taxpayers there!

    Can you guess what the liberal "Progressive" city councilors will choose? I can.

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