Friday, August 10, 2007

    Democrats Compassion - Always A Price

    Jose Carranza, illegal alien, murderer of three students in Newark, New Jersey.

    Democrat Cory Booker, mayor of Newark, New Jersey, has his city classified as a sanctuary city as of June 3, 2007.

    Two illegal alien Mexicans raped and murdered a young teen in Oregon.

    Democrat Governor Ted Kulongoski has declared the entire State of Oregon a sanctuary state.

    If you live in a sanctuary state or city (each controlled by Democrats) expect your rapes to increase, your murders to increase, your incidents of graffiti (marking gang territory) to increase, auto thefts to increase, assaults to increase, burglaries to increase, all crime to increase.

    You will probably hear your Democrat officials tell you that there is not enough money for police. This is because they are handing out the money you already pay to social services - that (yes) give resources to the illegal aliens.

    - you really think Democrats are watching out for YOU?

    If you were planning a nice time at the Alton Baker Park tomorrow be aware the local queers will have their annual homo-event. Stay away, and especially watch out around the brush areas and public toilets - favorite hangouts for homosexual men to solicit for anonymous public sex.

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