Wednesday, August 08, 2007

    Demanded By Government

    Dictionary.reference.com gives the following definition of a tax:
    a sum of money demanded by a government for its support or for specific facilities or services, levied upon incomes, property, sales, etc.
    Were you one of the suckers that believed the lies of liberals and their claim that conservatives protect the rich from taxes? Not only is that lie but the truth is liberals put such outrageous demands on the mid and low income workers that many are finding it more difficult to meet their families needs.

    The other day I get a notice from our trash company. The county government (liberal, of course) is increasing their fees. Now this is the same Lane County government that tried to invoke a county income tax but failed - thanks to some sharp people that got it on the ballot and subsequently was voted down. So what's the liberal government to do? RAISE FEES, of course!

    The increase won't bother me but what about lower income families that are barely getting by? Liberals give them the shaft. Liberals use to be called the "tax and spend" political group. Yesterday's post - liberals - using taxpayers money to "bail out" people that bought more than they could afford.

    Thanks to a liberal controlled congress students will soon loose the ability to deduct their student loan interest if they make over a certain amount each year. Again, liberals socking it to the mid and low income people (hint: rich folks don't need student loans).

    We recently had the local liberal government of Eugene try and raise the cost of gas with another one of their taxes. The liberal government didn't care about taxing the mid and low income people, but a group of gas station owners did care - and they stopped those evil money-hungry liberals - for now.

    Then you have these liberal candidates promising to really screw the mid and low income worker with threats to place big taxes on oil companies. Ah - sort of brings back those good ole days when liberal Democrat (worse) President Jimmy Carter stuck his Crude Oil Windfall Profits Tax - then tada - gas lines, rationing, etc. - none of which did anything with the rich, but really wrecked havoc on the little people. (Carter also bolstered the Social Security system by introducing a staggered increase in the payroll tax.)

    Let's look at a liberal state - Vermont. I went to the page for their governor and no surprise - this fool is bragging about all the tax payer money he's giving away. Grants, $9.4 Million for wasted drug prevention programs, various tax credits, and it goes on and on about his generosity - with other people's money. I guess that's why Vermont is #1 in the list of state and local tax burdens - 14%. When you add it the ugly federal tax burden they top the list at 35.1%.

    Check where your state is at in the list here. Oh, and if you're not near the top don't worry - if you continue to elect liberals you will be!

    The equation remains the same:

    Liberals = BIG GOVERNMENT

    Conservatives = smaller government
    Smaller government = lower taxes, lower fees

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