Wednesday, August 08, 2007

    Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski Arrested!

    August 9, 2007 AP:

    A joint agency task force arrested Governor Ted Kulongoski this morning following a series of raids at his home and the capital in Salem. The FBI and Homeland Security would only say Governor Kulongoski faces racketeering charges, conspiracy to harbor illegal alien nationals, conspiracy to direct tax payer funds to finance the illegal alien trade, conspiracy to disrupt federal immigration investigations, conspiracy to fabricate official state records to illegal aliens for the sole purpose of evading detection, and over 30 other criminal conspiracy charges.

    Additional raids are ongoing at over 100 state agencies from the Oregon Department of Motor vehicles to social service sites. Hundreds of photos have been taken as evidence - many of the state's official offices brandishing walls of Spanish only postings and instructions.

    FBI special agent Donald Kaplan said there is also growing evidence of a conspiracy between union bosses and the Oregon Governor to allow illegal workers to remain in Oregon.

    Hundreds of protestors of Hispanic origin have began to march on Salem with signs that read (translated) "Free Amigo Ted, we're nothing without him".

    Mexican President: Felipe De Jesus CALDERON Hinojosa has demanded the release of Governor Kulongoski, stating the Governor was made an honorary Mexican citizen (dual citizenship) 4 years ago.

    When I wish upon a star...

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