Wednesday, August 01, 2007

    Michael "The Butcher" Vick Finds God

    Yep, as typical with criminals when faced with charges they know will be difficult to fight, they play the God Card.
    "But I'm going to get through it and I feel, by the grace of God, that's the only way," Vick said. "I believe in the outcome at the end, and that's why I put my faith in the man upstairs."
    Uh - like the grace you showed all those little doggies? And who is the "man upstairs" you refer to? Louis "super racist" Farrakhan?

    No matter how Michael "The Butcher" Vick wraps himself, he is an evil person and needs to be charged and convicted to the fullest extent of the law.

    Oh, and how dare the NAACP come out to support this animal butcher! Shame on you and your racist group!

    Don't believe this asshole and any claim he found any diety. He is worse than scum.

    Note: The picture above is of the pit bulls that were removed from the Surry Co. property belonging to Michael Vick - saved before Butcher Vick would have electrocuted it, or grabbed it by the rear legs and flung it through the air to smash its little head against the ground.

    My Promise: This site will be devoted to the total demise of Butcher Vick, the exposure of groups that try and support this low life, especially racist-oriented groups. You've betrayed the wrong people and animals Butcher Vick.

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