Tuesday, August 21, 2007

    My Interview With Elvira Arellano

    JD: Ms. Arellano are you happy now that you're back in your home country of Mexico?
    EA: No, I want to live in the USA.

    JD: Why not follow the legal way into the USA?
    EA: I want it now and I don't want to wait.

    JD: Why don't you bring your son back to Mexico so he can be with you?
    EA: Are you kidding? I snuck over the border just so he could be born in the USA and be a citizen. That should make it easier for me.

    JD: What does his father say about all of this?
    EA: I don't know who the father is. I got pregnant because I drank too much at a Cinco de Mayo party.

    JD: You could have prevented the pregnancy, why didn't you?
    EA: You know us Mexican women love to make babies. Besides, I saw the baby as a ticket into the USA. Many hundreds of thousands of Mexican women do it and get free American care, so I say, why not me!

    JD: You know you broke the law by coming to the USA illegally don't you?
    EA: Yes, but I should be allowed to be there.

    JD: You know you broke the law when you used a fake SSN to get a job at an airport don't you?
    EA: So what's your point? I'm a good religious woman.

    JD: I heard you were about to be given a car, is that correct?
    EA: Oh yes. It's easy to get things from Americans, especially if you have a kid. I just tell my son to look sad and even try and make a tear and people just give us pretty much anything we want. My son has been very handy for me.

    JD: Don't you feel bad that you take advantage of Americans?
    EA: No. You are all rich. I plan to vote for Mrs. Clinton for president because she will help all us Mexicans.

    JD: You can't vote because you are not an American citizen.
    EA: (Laughing) Oh, I have voted many times in America. The priest at the United Methodist Church in Chicago and a union boss helped get me registered and told me who and what to vote for. I already feel like an American.

    JD: Many in America would see you as a criminal; after all, you've broken many laws of the land.
    EA: I don't care what they think. I'm not a citizen of America so I'm not responsible for their laws.

    JD: Has your son been able to have attention to his health?
    EA: Yes, we have no insurance but we receive the finest medical attention other people's money can buy.

    JD: I've read he has attention deficit syndrome.
    EA: (Whispering) Don't tell anyone, but we're just saying that to get sympathy from enough people in America so they will let me stay there. I think it's beginning to work.

    JD: What are your plans now?
    EA: I think I should get pregnant again, then have the baby delivered in America. I think if I'm the mom of more Americans eventually there will be more pressure to let me stay. I'm also in touch with your ACLU and some socialist organizations in America that want to help me.

    JD: Time for me to wrap this up. Do you have any questions for me?
    EA: Yes. How do you feel about me? Don't you think I should be reunited with my son?

    JD: Yes, I do. I would strip the citizenship he was illegally provided and ship him back down to you. I would have you banned forever from entering the USA because of your past deliberate criminal actions. You are a threat to the USA economy and a poster picture of why our borders need to be secured.

    You were not working in some field picking strawberries, you were working at a major airport, clearly robbing a legal working of a job.

    You are a criminal.

    You are a criminal.

    You are a criminal.

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