Friday, August 24, 2007

    Friday's Frumps

    Well here's another excuse for FAT people to use instead of their own hand-to-mouth action. A study (supposedly) finds a virus may contribute to obesity. Note the title and the use of the word "may".

    I've done my own study and can say with certainty that calories don't come from breathing, but they do come from eating more than you expend in physical activity.

    The reality of these so-called studies is the goal of labeling obesity as a disease. Once it's a disease then drug companies and hospitals will have revenue streams they can't enjoy now. Hundreds of thousands will be walking into clinics, waddle up to the counter, and say "I'm fat, and I need pills". Government handouts become available to "diseases" than non-diseases. Now go enjoy that buffet.

    Well that multi-millionaire black Democrat doggie torturer ain't got no football career anymore. The good part? Vick trading cards, especially chewed by a dog, are a big hit on EBay!

    Child molester John Couey was sentenced to death. It's too bad for Jessica Lunsford he wasn't executed earlier. Watch for all the criminal sympathizers and anti-death penalty (most every Democrat) weirdo to come out of the woodwork and cry that the death penalty is "cruel and inhumane".

    In the Democrat's "justice" system these scum that prey on children go to jail just long enough to get some dental work done, a full health checkup, then are relocated in your neighborhoods to blend in - with your children.

    Plenty of stupid people that thought they were getting something for nothing want BIG GOVERNMENT to bail them out of the home loans they signed into. Uh, let me put it more direct: some stupid people want your taxes to pay for their stupidity.

    Plenty of stupid lazy people down in New Orleans still sitting around waiting on BIG GOVERNMENT to hand them some "free" money - or even free housing. Liberals, in a liberal city, in a liberal state - unable and unwilling to be responsible for themselves. From an early age they are taught BIG GOVERNMENT is suppose to take care of them. This is the way of Democrats - to teach government is responsible, not you, the individual.

    New Orleans and Katrina are a poster-event for Democrats. They tout the scenario as a failure of the Republican administration, not as a failure of their own Liberal State-City-Peoples. Where ever Democrats have controlled there is weakness and surrender, people falling on their knees before government agencies and government employees.

    Oh Government, who art in power,
    Hallowed be thy domain,
    Thy kingdom come
    Thy will be enforced,
    Through towns and cities in due course.
    Give us this day our healthcare and housing.
    And forgive our speech if it offends,
    As we are forced to "love" society's scum and dumb.
    And lead us not into self reliance,
    But deliver us from free thought.
    For thine is the government,
    And the power,
    And the oppressor,
    And the robber of our hard-working money,
    For even and ever.
    (Until conservatives get back in power and diminish your growth and restore freedom!)

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