Monday, August 20, 2007

    Shlick Vick

    Well that slime Democrat Michael Vick changed his perverted mind and decided to confess not only his guilt in his torture and murder of helpless little animals but that he'd been lying to his fans and everyone else when he said earlier he was innocent.

    What to expect from this evil Democrat? The typical:

    "I put my trust in God..."
    "I pray for all your forgiveness..."
    "I was wrong and will be responsible (just give me back my contracts)"
    "It was the fault of racial pressures on me..."

    Also expect special interest groups like the NAACP and individuals to claim Vick is being wrongly judged because of race. The religion and race cards will be played on this - count on it.

    Good news: Shlick Vick did his plea deal with the Feds, but he can still face charges in the state of Virginia.
    Gerald Poindexter, the district attorney in Surrey County, said last week that he would pursue charges against Vick at the state level. There is nothing in the plea agreement or anything the feds can say that can stop Poindexter from filing state charges if he so chooses. Animal-rights groups would love Poindexter to follow through since dogfighting is felony in Virginia. If convicted on all counts, Vick could face 40 years in prison.
    Bad news:
    Poindexter is a wild card and often talks out of both sides of his mouth. Don't be surprised if he doesn't file charges against Vick, a popular local athlete.

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