Wednesday, September 26, 2007

    Patriotic To NOT Buy American

    It's been over 10 years since I bought an "American" vehicle, and that one was junk. It had regular care, regular fluid and filter changes - but it was junk. Before that I had other domestic vehicles, including a black Firebird Trans Am - also junk - nuts and bolts literally would drop out of the engine area while driving so I traded it in for a solid Toyota truck!

    I don't drive domestic vehicles, and the recent union strike against GM adds to the argument to not buy any domestic vehicle. The usual extortion tactics of the union mob bosses has forced (again) auto manufacturers to give in to demands that will surely add to the price of their vehicle. So you, the consumer, will pay more (to pay off the unions) without getting anything more when it comes to quality of workmanship.

    All American union auto manufacturers produce junk. They have the lowest resale value (none in the top 10 for last year), are way over priced for what you get, and you will surely spend lots of time in their junky service centers. Their interiors are junk, their gas MPG is junk, they use cheaply made junk for parts, and their flag-waving patriotic phrases are simply deceptive advertising to sucker in buyers - of junk.

    To me America stands for quality and superior workmanship. If those features cannot be met by American manufacturers then I'll buy foreign and be happy in the knowledge what's driving on American roads is what America use to stand for - before the unions infiltrated the business.

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