Tuesday, September 11, 2007

    Learn From 9/11

    Today media talks about the major terrorist attack 6 years ago. They describe the perpetrators as "terrorists", "hijackers", "criminals" - all such labels except the most important identifier - they were each Muslims.

    Before the dust settled I knew Muslims had orchestrated the attacks. I knew the evil of Islam, how they operate, what their motives are, their deceptions, their lies, and their conquest mentality. I knew of the previous Muslim terrorist attacks

    Muslim public relations organizations in the USA and abroad use our own laws to force acceptance of their ways into our society, and if you stand in the way you will be sued, labeled a bigot, charged with a hate crime for just revealing their intentions, or maybe forced to attend some sensitivity class - approved by a Muslim organization.

    Muslim influence in our own government has seen American taxpayer money go for foot baths, police sensitivity toward Muslims training courses, public schools that are for Muslims, overseen by Muslim clerics preaching the cultish teachings of Islam - and so much more. Tiny example of thousands of clerics and their "peaceful teachings":

    Today, September 11, 2007 (the day is still young):
    • A young Buddhist man was shot to death in Yala, Thailand by Muslims

    • Another murder in Thailand (Pattani) - middle-aged Buddhist man is shot to death by Muslim radicals while riding his motorbike

    • In Ordzhonikidzov, Ingushetia two young men and their father were brutally murdered in their home by Islamic militants

    • In Dera Ismail Khan, Pakistan seventeen people were killed when a Muslim suicide bomber detonated on a minibus

    • In Helmand, Afghanistan Two Afghan truck drivers were murdered by a Muslim suicide bomber
    The war on terror will only be won here - with the recognition of the reality that Islam is a dangerous cult of violence with an objective of global domination.

    BTW, even notice liberal media will not use "Muslim" or "Islam" when they report a terrorist event? No Democrat presidential candidate will either - not in the same sentence.

    The Islamisation of Europe is well underway. Is America next?

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