Tuesday, September 25, 2007

    Ahmadinejad - Uncensored

    You've read some of the censored ramble of little Ahmadinejad, now here's the uncensored take.

    Q: Why did you want to go to ground zero in New York?
    Ahmadinejad: To lay a wreath and pay respect to the victims. Those Muslims that gave their lives flying into your buildings, bringing down the towers of Satan - they are heroes of Islam and of Iran, and they are the true victims that deserve respect. I bet the stupid Americans thought I cared about all those others - just workers for Satan - nope!

    Q: Are women free in Iran?
    Ahmadinejad: Oh yes, our women are free to procreate with their husbands, free to shop and prepare meals, free to take care of the children - so yes, they are free.

    Q: What about homosexuals?
    Ahmadinejad: In Iran we don't have homosexuals like in your country - I have them killed and tortured. Worshiping holy holes is not to be confused with homosexualism. In Islam, Allah has told us the male body is to be worshiped and the female body hidden.

    Q: Do your people have freedom to watch TV?
    Ahmadinejad: Yes, they are free to watch all the Al Franken, Dan Rather reruns, and Air America reruns they want - uncensored! We also allow our people to read The Nation and AlterNet freely as well.

    Q: Why don't you believe in the Holocaust?
    Ahmadinejad: What happens in Germany stays in Germany.

    Q: How many nuclear weapons are you planning to make?
    Ahmadinejad: I like little boys.

    Q: Why do you want Israel wiped off the face of the Earth?
    Ahmadinejad: Muslim and Judaism cannot co-exist, so one of us has to go and it ain't gonna be me!

    Q: Is it true you ate a double cheese bacon burger yesterday?
    Ahmadinejad: I like little boys.

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