Wednesday, October 31, 2007

    Dress Appropriate For Halloween

    Halloween - a time in the USA for legal children to go door to door for candy or whatever. It can also be a fun time for adults too. Halloween has no religious implications to me - doesn't faze me a bit since I'm not the superstitious type. I won't mention the scariest costume winner this year of Hilary Clinton since that already got enough exposure, nor will I mention the "naughty" costumes that liberals will dress their little girls in. I wish to address some adults and costumes they will wear:

    Al Gore: Regretful of inventing the internet, Al will wear a box on his head that looks like a Christian Bible with a silk banner draped around his shoulder with the words "Pray for killer hurricanes". Al will go door-to-door in his favorite SUV.

    John McCain: Will wear a POW outfit and giant ribbon around his neck with the words "I was a prisoner in a Democrat started war 40 years ago so vote for me". McCain will be shuffled door-to-door by a diversity of Hispanic gang members.

    Liberal politicians: To make a statement of solidarity liberals across the country will wear head gear in the shape of children. They will wear banners with writing on the front "We care about children's health" and on the back "Support the right to kill babies".

    AFL-CIO Chief Thug John Sweeney: Will wear a hat shaped like a carousel with figures of Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, and many other Democrats hanging like puppets - it will spin too! Boss Sweeney will go door-to-door in a throne chair carried on the backs of migrant workers. He will have thousands of union-made bags to sell to children - just $89 each.

    UN Members: Will show their solidarity by wearing hats in the shape of the USA - with a sword through the middle. Draped around their shoulders will be a banner "Disassemble America Forever". Members will be escorted by CAIR members to targeted homes.

    Public University Leaders: Will show their solidarity by wearing hats that look like giant lips sewn shut. Long time indoctrination centers these public school liberals will proudly stand against free speech in the USA - themselves hatefully labeling anyone with other views as "hate speech" with eventual classification as "hate crime". They won't go door-to-door since Hugo Chavez continues to send them treats.

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