Tuesday, October 30, 2007

    The Sky Is Falling (On Taxpayer's Heads)

    It wasn't true, but the power of the media even back in 1938 was overwhelming to the ignorant. War of the Worlds panic spreads:
    On Oct. 30, 1938, a radio reporter went on the air with a terrifying broadcast: A meteor had slammed into a farm in Mercer County. Thick, poisonous gas seeped through the air. Martians had descended on the nation, martial law was declared and scores of people were dead.

    None of it was true. But hundreds of listeners tuning in to "War of the Worlds" had missed the introduction explaining that the program was fiction. They panicked, sending waves of hysteria and confusion across New Jersey and the country.
    Hysteria and panic still plaque the ignorant. Consider just in Oregon the following measures on the ballot, all meant to induce fear among the ignorant:

    Measure 50 - (Vote NO) - Deceptively called Health Care for Children gives Oregon Government even more money to do with what they want. It is a lie that it is for children. Item 4b gives the Democratic legislature the right to "Prescribe how the taxes imposed will be administered and enforced". Item 5 in the voter's pamphlet states it is
    for low-income adults and other medically underserved Oregonians
    "Low-income adults" would include the illegal alien adults of illegal alien children. You and I will pay for their insurance while they won't have to. On top of that you will have the thousands (and more) illegals and transients that will make their way to Oregon to get such a nice "free" handout. Maybe they can sleep and crap in your residential streets and parks.

    "Medically underserved" can be a family that can afford health insurance but rather buy high-priced consumer products, TVs, new cars, boats, etc. instead of paying a health insurance premium. You and I will pay for their insurance while they won't have to.

    This measure does absolutely nothing to make parents responsible their children. It does not hold them accountable for what I'd call child neglect. If anything, it encourages people to stop their private health insurance and move themselves into the "medically underserved" category. Like why pay for it themselves when taxpayers can? (Taxpayers will end up paying for this - count on it).

    Democrats always sock it to the poor, and this is another of their punches. It is mainly the poor, lower class, and stupid that smoke and hitting this group with a 30% increase will simply cause crime to increase. Think of it - being robbed for some cigarettes.

    In Eugene, OR you have Measure 20-132 (Vote NO). This is another BIG GOVERNMENT tax that is not needed. A tax on gas, or I should say ANOTHER tax on gas by Eugene. The truth is Eugene has plenty of money to fix roads, but they abuse the money they get - especially by giving grants to entities that sponsor illegal aliens and social issues - donations of tax payer money. The BIG GOVERNMENT of Eugene has no right to abuse tax payer's money.

    Again, in Eugene, OR you have Measure 20-134 (Vote NO). Another BIG GOVERNMENT farce, another waste of tax payer's money. The biggest problems with the downtown area they want to "renew" are the transients, the illegal aliens, the bums, the homeless, and the drug addicts. In the 6 years I've lived in the region I've seen at least 4 good businesses close up because of this problem.

    I heard Mayor Kitty Piercy on the radio about 6 weeks ago and someone called in and stated the problem as I mentioned it above. The caller asked what the Mayor and City Council planned to do about it, since if the problem remained; no one (at least with money) would go to the "revived" area. She basically admitted she had no plan other than once the "revitalization" took place the throngs of people surging into the "revitalized" area would push out the problem people. That's our stupid Mayor for ya.

    Eugene has a government that prefers to take care of the 5% of the population (the problem people) and ignore the 95% of the taxpayers. The ignorance of this BIG GOVERNMENT must not be allowed to waste any more taxpayer money on a worthless project. It is dead before it even starts.

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