Thursday, October 18, 2007

    Outsourcing: BIG GOVERNMENT

    From customer support to reading X-Rays almost everything that can be done is being outsourced to some country other than the parent company's home country. In the USA the decision to outsource is triggered by various reasons and the next few Thursday posts will cover some of these key reasons.

    BIG GOVERNMENT is a huge reason a company will outsource. Government's intrusion into business enterprise has grown - and continues to grow - at an unprecedented pace. Companies have had to redirect precious resources just to manage government bureaucracy and government dictated employee regulations.

    In the State of Oregon, starting next year, employers in the state or planning to come to Oregon will be forced by government to hire and retain homosexuals, transvestites, cross-dressers, and whatever sexual deviant that might come knocking on their employment door. (Passed by Democrats in the legislature and the Democrat Governor).

    If you already have one employed come January 1 they might show up looking allot different - and there is nothing you will be able to do about it because the State of Oregon will force you to accept deviants - you have no choice. Democrats have granted greater rights to one group and less rights to another. That salesman that interacts with your customers might show up with a wig and heavy padded bra - and there won't be a damn thing you can do - your rights have been deleted. Good reason not to relocate your business to Oregon!

    Countrywide, here's a fraction of BIG GOVERNMENT bureaucracy you are forced to endure:
    • Forced to hire a person based on religion, sex, or national origin - even if others are more qualified! (Civil rights Act)
    • Forced to hire and keep workers that are on the growing "disabled" list - including obesity (Rehabilitation Act of 1973)
    • Forced to accommodate pregnancies and retain jobs after women that choose to get pregnant eventually return and demand their job back (Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978)
    • Forced to accommodate religious practices and holidays even if you are against them (EEOC)
    • Forced to pay employees that have no skills an amount dictated by BIG GOVERNMENT (Min. Wage Act)
    Outsourcing removes much of the BIG GOVERNMENT from business and allows the business to focus on their marketplace instead of government controls. Until BIG GOVERNMENT is removed from the workplace it is best to avoid the hassles and simply outsource as much as possible.

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