Monday, October 22, 2007

    The Divided Dumb

    I didn't waste my time with the GOP "debate", but I did check out some summaries. To me most of these candidates are no different from the Democrats - and they all (but one) share the following common ground: they stick with divisive issues and don't address the primary oath of the Constitution, and all but one drools over BIG GOVERNMENT.

    I'd like to hear those asking these canned questions change to topics of the Constitution instead of all of the divisive issues - most all having to do with some level of socialism. For example:

    Senator Hilary Clinton's admission that she's a socialist goes against everything our Constitution stands for since the framers did not intend for BIG GOVERNMENT to be dominating the population, yet socialistic principles cannot exist without BIG GOVERNMENT.

    Senator John McCain (and others) stance to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens - law breakers - goes against our Constitution. McCain is a looser as far as I'm concerned because he continues to fall back on his POW status - something about 40 years old. He's out of touch with today.

    Mayor Giuliani's support of sanctuary cities and federally funded abortion is totally unconstitutional, yet both issues are highly divisive and supports BIG GOVERNMENT.

    Governor Romney thinks the federal BIG GOVERNMENT should mandate morality - something totally absent from our Constitution - and for good reason. BIG GOVERNMENT should NOT dictate what is moral or not. Romney also thinks the USA should be the global police force - totally unconstitutional.

    Only Ron Paul has a track record of trying to reduce BIG GOVERNMENT, and only Ron Paul seems to know that America has become divisive because of the ever increasing interference of the BIG USA GOVERNMENT both at home and in the world. I would guess that 50% of the divisive problems in our country would disappear if politicians reverted back to serving the mandates of the Constitution instead of trying to achieve more votes, having their votes and influence bought (both Republicans and Democrats), and playing the charity givers with billions of dollars of the hard-earned monies of the American taxpayers.

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