Thursday, December 13, 2007

    Illegals - An Untapped Renewable Energy Source?

    If you're serious about getting our country off of archaic energies like oil and coal then this post is for you. Although I'm all in favor of purging our country of illegal aliens I have to admit this idea of mine could change our nation's energy future for the better.

    My proposal would utilize the backpack pictured above from a company called Voltaic. This solar unit generates 4 watts of electricity. Clean, environmentally friendly, and free - of pollution, of combustion, of dependency to Arabs.

    Each illegal would wear one of these packs. At 4 watts of electricity each, and considering the low end of the estimated illegal count (15 million), just do the math and you can see how 60 MEGAWATTS could be harvested that are currently not. Just 1 megawatt is enough to power 1,000 average homes, so again, do the math and you can see 60 MEGAWATTS would power about 60,000 American homes!

    Each pack would contain double or triple the battery packs to store the harvested electricity. At regular intervals the illegals would be required to discharge their accumulated charge through a electrical receiving station. Once discharged they can be sent back to wander around, pick veggies in fields, do their gang stuff - whatever - just stay in the Sun.

    It would be the first time illegal aliens ever did anything to contribute to America instead of constantly draining our country of our resources!

    An untapped gold mine! Pretty cool huh?

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