Wednesday, December 12, 2007

    Lars Larson Stabs Tom Tancredo In Back!

    Rep. Tom Tancredo was on Lars Larson's top list for president - until Tom Tancredo said he would pardon border patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean if elected president. Agents Ramos and Compean were viciously convicted of killing a dangerous illegal alien drug smuggler.

    First you need to know Lars is the type of person you wouldn't want picking winners and you certainly don't want to follow his lead. For example, in the last Oregon election for Governor he stood behind 3 different candidates at different times, stabbing one in the back if Lars disagreed with him on anything, then picking another. This was repeated three times. The final candidate he chose (he ran out of people to back-stab) was a looser to begin with, and obviously lost the election.

    If you're in law enforcement Lars Larson isn't someone you'd want to watch your back. If you don't perform your job to the exact perfection of "Lars Law" Lars will turn against you - stab you in the back - even using his own radio program to stab you and support the criminal. Lars will label you as a bad cop and be happy letting the real criminal go free.

    Lars justifies his back stabbing stupidity with:

    Courts have turned down appeals: DUH - like courts and justices don't make mistakes and bad decisions?

    Homeland Security investigated it completely: DHU - this farce agency hasn't even rid our country of even 1/100th of 1% of the illegal aliens here, nor have they secured our borders. They follow the policy of the President and we all know how Bush feels about illegals - he wants them here.

    Heck, this administration (which Lars supports fully) just recently gave pardons to carjackers and drug dealers! According to the actions of Bush it's preferable to pardon drug dealers than it is to pardon border agents.

    I think it is more than obvious the Bush administration does not want serious action taken against illegals, even ones that are drug smugglers - neither does Lars.

    Lars Larson - not to be trusted.

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