Monday, December 10, 2007

    Refunds, Vick, Oprah, Guns, and Human Lard

    So we got our check Saturday for excessive taxes paid to the state of Oregon. In Oregon they call this refund of excessive tax collection a "kicker" check - as if we won something that didn't originally belong to us.

    Some were against sending this refund back to the wage earners - they, in the interest of big government - wanted the government to keep it. Some wanted it to go to social welfare causes, some wanted non-tax payers to get a check even though they didn't pay any taxes, some wanted it to go to a "rainy day fund" (cute name to cover big government over spending), but the majority of hard workers wanted their money back.

    To the big government advocates that get a check and want to practice what they preach they can return their refund check back to the government. From the Oregon Dept. of Revenue FAQ site:
    How can I donate my kicker refund to another public agency? Or to the state's general fund?

    Contact the agency to which you want to donate. If you want to donate to the state's general fund, contact the Department of Administrative Services.

    Dog torturer Michael Vick finally got sentenced for his heinous crimes of torture and slaughter of helpless doggies - 23 months - less than half of the maximum sentence he could have received. Let's hope the state will bring him to trial as well.

    Just wait - some racial hate-promoting person or group will try and stir up false accusations of racial bias. Where are you Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton?

    Democrat Oprah's endorsement of socialist Barack Obama will put to the test whether females are capable of their own thought and analysis or are they brainless cows willing to do whatever Ophra tells them to do.

    I'm sure when Oprah travels with Obama she will draw a crowd of brainless fans and the brainless curiosity seekers - to see a couple of multi-millionairs - the rich and famous. Uh - not me, I have a brain.

    The killing of innocent people at a church in Colorado reinforces the need for adults (with training) to carry concealed weapons (liberals don't want people to protect themselves), especially where people are gathered. Perhaps if more did the gunman would not have killed as many as he did. Fortunately a volunteer that was pack'n killed the shooter and saved many lives. I'm sure the anti-gun types will say this is an example of guns are bad for society. The stupidity of their thought is the gunman had violated many laws - so making another law to outlaw guns would simple apply to law-abiding people, not the gunman.

    Any state and city that has concealed weapons permits easily available to the law-abiding has lower crime rates. Do you really think the gunman would have picked the church he did if he knew many of the adults were pack'n? Not!

    Liberal Canada's worse serial killer was found guilty Sunday of second degree murder in the death of six women - six out of 26 he will be tried for. He lured his victims to his pig far and killed them, cut up their bodies and disposed of the remains using pigs and a rendering plant. Wonder what stores he sold his lard to?

    Liberal Canada is a great place for murderers, followed by many states in the USA:
    • No death penalty
    • Taxpayers pay for your health care
    • Taxpayers pay for your meals (you'll never go hungry)
    • Taxpayers pay for your clothes
    • Taxpayers pay for your dental
    • Taxpayers pay for your showers
    • Taxpayers pay for your education
    • Taxpayers pay for your haircuts
    • Taxpayers pay for your physical fitness so if you ever make it out you can be stronger than when you went in.
    Ah liberalism - bad for society but good for criminals!

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