Friday, January 25, 2008

    Are You Stimulated?

    If you think the so-called stimulus plan will turn the economy around think again. Putting the Federal government further into debt is not the solution, yet politicians are happily working together to bring to consumers (voters) all the money they can in an election year.

    People on the upper end of the scale will probably invest their money - not spend it.

    People on the bottom end of the scale will spend it on stuff those people typically buy - cigarettes, junk food, candy, and diapers for all the children they pump into society that they can't afford. This is another BAD idea with the current "stimulus" plan - it encourages these retards to pump out even more children since the government is willing to give them more money for more kids.

    Hmmm - maybe it's the government that is the retarded ones and the poor smarter than we think! What should have been done was to give $5,000 to the poor and subtract $500 for each child they have. Government needs to encourage those that are social burdens to close their legs not spread them.

    People shouldn't be paying the taxes they currently pay - and it's because of so much government waste, so many failed government programs that cost billions (like the DEA which I will post on soon), and the Dept. of Education, and others - including billions in giveaways to countries that are bottomless pits.

    Dr. Ron Paul has his Four-Point Plan, and it means less government, reduced tax burden, reduces spending, and actions to promote more jobs and economic growth. Liberals on both sides don't like this plan because it calls for smaller government and less socialism.
    Expect the most liberal cities to take advantage of this stimulus package with new and innovative taxes! If you live in a liberal-controlled city you will not escape your destiny! Don't complain to me - you voted them in!

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