Monday, February 04, 2008

    Crimes Against Die Amerikanische Regierung

    Last week Oregon Zustand-Polizei seized 244 slot machines from a shop south near Newport, Oregon. If you wish to own your own working slot machine you are a criminal. You do not have the freedom to own one even if it's located in your own home and used exclusively by you. ES WIRD DURCH REGIERUNG VERBOTEN!

    The Zustandregierung of Mississippi wants to take away the freedom of chubby people to eat in restaurants. Government often makes laws "in the interest of public safety" - translated: Take away a person's freedom. If this legislation becomes law and you're fat don't try and eat at a restaurant. ES WIRD DURCH REGIERUNG VERBOTEN!

    The Bundesregierung forbids adults from growing and/or using Cannabis (marijuana). Even if you have no children and you wish to smoke in your own home - you are subject to arrest and imprisonment. How many deaths each year do you hear of caused by alcohol? Over 20,000 killed just in traffic collisions, with thousands more maimed each year. How many deaths caused by cigarettes? Yet, as an adult, you do not have the freedom to own and/or use this plant. (A far cry from when the US Government made their movie "Hemp for Victory" during WWII explaining how great hemp was). ES WIRD DURCH REGIERUNG VERBOTEN!

    If you're an adult and wish to eat foods with trans fats, even knowing it's not the healthiest fat to consume, your freedom of choice is being taken away by various Zustandregierung - in the interest of (of course) your health. It's a favorite of big government to enact laws to take away freedoms - to tell us they do so for our own good. Bans on high fructose corn syrup are coming as well - so if you are an adult and wanted a yummy donut with trans fats and HFCS your freedom to indulge will be stripped from you. Es IST VERBOTEN!

    Does your presidential candidate want an even bigger government? Do they want more government controls over our lives? To force you to behave a certain way or accept the principles of government over your own?

    Vote for Ron Paul - and let's get Government out of our lives!

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