Wednesday, January 09, 2008

    Primary Cards

    UPDATE: Bill Richardson drops out of the running (and no one cares)!

    All but one of the candidates is playing various cards in their attempts to receive a higher percentage of votes in the primaries. The cards played can change too, depending on the audience. Let's check some of the latest cards from the deck of deception:

    Compassion Card: Hilary played this one well (sniff sniff), and gave her that nudge she needed over Obama in NH.

    Sexist Card: Hilary again scored with this one when her entourage planted a male that called out "iron my shirt" in a staged sexist verbal attack.

    No Voice Card: Barack Obama continues to score with this one, claiming there are millions of voters that are not heard because of rich people, because of mean businesses, because of whatever. He doesn't mention his party is greatly responsible for squashing the will of voters in most every state - voters that vote for a referendum or proposition only to have it struck down by some liberal judge or state Democratic legislators.

    FYI - Self proclaimed prophet Louis Farrakhan, Hi Profit of the Nation of Islam, has proclaimed that if neither Hilary or his soul brother Barack Obama get into the White House it will prove sexism and racism is rampant in America. I didn't know that being just 50% black meant yo a bro!

    Union Card: All the Democrats play this card, some better than others. It's a card not played by Republicans since it is well known Democrats sold out the American people for special interest unions. The Democrat Congress has gutted the union watchdog of the Office of Labor Management, further making it difficult to investigate illegal union practices and corrupt union bosses. Today big Nevada service union endorsed Barack Obama. More union endorsements from mobland will follow - bet on it.

    Paradise Card: In his NH defeat, John Edwards said there are lots of other states left with millions of people that want universal health care, no financial worries, government will take care of everyone, and universal dental, etc. (sounds more like what liberals have turned prisons into. He neglected to give any details how his paradise would be funded.

    9/11 Card: About the only thing Rudy Giuliani has going for him yet he's finding that card just isn't one that will do much of anything for Americans, and the voters know it. Drop out and save your tiny followers their money Rudy.

    Hollywood Card: Fred Thompson, close friend of John McCain, is finding acting as if he were a conservative isn' t the same as (poor) acting on Law & Order. Fred didn't think NH was worth his attention so he dumped NH and the voters in NH returned the favor. Drop out and save your tiny followers their money Fred.

    Vietnam POW Card: Johnny McCain loves this card. I mean really, you pull this card and who dare would say anything against it? As the fight gets tougher McCain's liberal voting record will override this old card.

    Looser Card: Aside from Giuliani and Thompson there is Bill Richardson and Dennis Kucinich that need to stop deceiving their tiny followers and save their money by dropping out before they embarrass themselves even more.

    Card free: Only Ron Paul carries his message without the use for cards. Ron Paul has been consistent, doesn't morph to the crowd, and has his voting record to back what he stands for.

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