Monday, January 07, 2008

    Fox News Dumps "Fair and Balanced"

    My respect for Fox News continues to diminish, and their unfair and unbalanced decision to ban Ron Paul from yesterday's Republican NH primary debate shows how manipulative they have become.

    Add to this Fox News has deliberately modified news stories and censored out Ron Paul's name is, to me, no different from the antics or Dan Rather. At least with Mr. Rather the deception and lies were confined to one or two people, but with Fox News, it appears as if it is company policy to be unfair, to lie, to be unbalanced, and to manipulate.

    From his first radio ad:
    Who is Ron Paul, the Republican candidate for president? Ron Paul served his country as a flight surgeon after the Cuban missile crisis. As a young doctor, Ron Paul worked nights in the emergency room of an inner-city hospital, taking care of everyone, whether they could pay or not. As an ob/gyn, Ron Paul delivered over 4,000 babies.

    Dr. Ron Paul knows our health care system needs real change, where patients and doctors are in charge, not big corporations or government bureaucrats.

    As a congressman for almost 2 decades, Ron Paul knows our Constitution is there to protect our freedom and limited government. He has never voted for a tax increase or an unbalanced budget.

    His record clearly shows he will cut taxes and stop runaway spending. People who know him call him the taxpayer's best friend.

    By the way, Fred Thompson said if he finished poorly in Iowa Caucuses, he would drop out of the presidential race and throw his support behind John McCain. How could Fred Thompson say he's so conservative if his choice for support is THE MOST liberal RINO - John McCain?

    Think you Thompson fans better think again! DUH!

    NOTE: For those that have a problem accepting the link source consider this FACT - Thompson and McCain are old buddies. Thompson endorsed McCain in the presidential primaries back in 2000 and Thompson was his national co-chairman. McCain was as liberal back then as he is now, and Thompson threw his full support to McCain.

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