Tuesday, February 05, 2008

    How People Vote

    1: Analytical Voting
    A voter will consider the position of the candidate and how their philosophy will impact the short and long term consequences of the country. This voter is not swayed by superficial appearances and takes the facts of the candidate's past record and professional (non-celebrity) endorsements.

    --1a: Believing government should be first - The voter, after analysis, will choose a candidate that will bring bigger government and more government control to the country. They do not believe in individual achievement or the freedom of spirit, but knowingly chooses oppressive control by government and unions. Mr. Obama (endorsed by Mr. Union - T. Kennedy) or Mrs. Clinton, a self-proclaimed socialist, would be your ideal choices.

    --1b: Believing people should be first - The voter, after analysis, will choose a candidate that will bring smaller and less oppressive government to the country. Individual choice and freedom are the priorities and belief in individual responsibility and individual achievement are the goals. Representative Dr. Ron Paul is your best choice, followed by former Governor Romney.

    2: Fuzzy Voting
    These voters choose their candidate based on who best gives them a cozy fuzzy feeling. This choice is totally superficial and based on attributes such as looks, age, race, sex, or which celebrity happens to endorse them. Totally ignorant of policy results that would impact the country this voter is a sucker for words and appearance.

    3: Total Retard Voting
    These groups of voters are unable to think on their own. They vote however their union tells them to vote, or how their party of choice tells them to vote. This group also encompasses illegal aliens that register to vote just to vote for a candidate that will give them amnesty, totally ignorant of policies that impact the country. Most of these voters are low income - probably because they are so stupid. 100% of this group is incapable or unwilling to achieve anything on their own and want a candidate that will promise them all sorts of government handouts.

    Which are you?

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