Wednesday, March 26, 2008

    Ford Motor Co - Another Union Story

    Today's news of the final sale of Ford's Jaguar and Land Rover brands is another nail in the coffin for the once auto giant. The price Tata Motors (India) paid is $2.3 billion - cash. Ford desperately needs money to pay their enormous union demands for labor-related costs. Over the past two years Ford amassed more than $15 billion in net losses - so their sale doesn't even cover 1/7th of these recent losses. Ah, how the unions really care about jobs - and soon there won't be any at Ford.

    There was a time when a share of Ford Motor Company sold for over $40. As I type this their stock is just $5.86 with a 52-week low of $4.95. As Gordon Gekko of the Wall Street movie fame would call it - a dog with fleas.

    Ford use to be associated with American quality, but that quality continued a downward tread as unions strangled the creative life force from the company and cheaper, low quality parts substituted for the sake of helping to pay spiraling union demands.

    Land Rover use to be a brand of high quality recognition - until Ford bought it from the Brits. In 2006 JD Powers said:
    they are the most problematic cars to own, period. Boasting a most embarrassing 204 problems per hundred, the last truly go-anywhere brand has faltered
    It probably didn't help Ford to align itself with the homosexual special interest groups when they started to advertise in gay magazines and promoting homosexual polygamy as sexual freedom. This prompted a boycott of Ford by family-oriented groups against Ford.

    My first car was a Ford Fairlane. I painted the grill black. At that time (post 70's) it was a hot car with great pickup, but those days are long gone. I have not owned, nor would I ever own, another Ford - ever. Junk incarnate and to me an American manufacturer that manufactures junk is no longer American, but more like some junk brand from China.

    Unions love Democrat candidates, and Democrat candidates will pass any and all legislation that helps empower the corrupt union machine - a machine that continues to destroy American industry.

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