Thursday, March 27, 2008

    Oregon's Primary

    As you know by now Secretary of State Bill Bradbury has finalized the names on Oregon Presidential Primary ballot: Clinton, Obama, McCain, and Dr. Paul.

    Some might vote against their principles and wager who a likely winner would be. My vote is not for sale nor will I vote the odds. I will vote for the candidate that comes closest to matching my ideals - and that is Dr. Ron Paul.

    It's simple really. Vote for Dr. Ron Paul if you want:
    • SMALLER government footprint on your back
    • LOWER taxes - MORE $$$ for your families
    • LESS spending
    • STOP mega-billions going to foreign aid
    • STOP corporations on government welfare
    • STOP pork-barrel pet projects - $17.2 billion in the 2008 budget
    • PROTECT the USA at the border
    • ELIMINATE welfare for illegal aliens, welcome legal immigrants
    • END "birthright citizenship"
    • RESTORE individual liberties
    Vote for any of the others if you want:
    • BIGGER government footprint on your back
    • HIGHER taxes - LESS $$$ for your families
    • MORE spending
    • INCREASED mega-billions going to foreign aid
    • INCREASED corporations on government welfare
    • INCREASED pork-barrel pet projects
    • NO border security
    • CONTINUED WELFARE for illegal aliens
    • CONTINUED "birthright citizenship"
    • LOOSING MORE individual liberties
    So much more that can be listed, but it really doesn't matter what party you want to win. It all boils down to the size and control you think government should have.

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