Tuesday, March 04, 2008

    McCain's Ace Card

    Both Democrat candidates have their own little niche.

    Senator Barack Obama would be the first half black man to be President and has a great appeal among blacks - even though most don't even know what his plans are.

    Senator Hillary Clinton would be the first female (so I've read) to be President.

    But what about Senator John McCain? He's just a white guy and currently that's a minus with minorities. He's old - 71 years old to be exact, but President Ronald Reagan was about the same age so being a geriatric won't give him that "uniqueness" he needs.

    Delusional people think he's tougher on issues about the security of America than either Democrat - but since our security starts with our borders he loses on that as well.

    My prediction about John McCain and what will make him unique - and he needs something unique - believe me is his uniqueness will come from his choice of Vice President. It will be someone that's been hanging around McCain when he has been making speeches and appearances.

    Ah yes - Senator Joseph "Joe" Lieberman. This will be, I predict, John McCain's Vice Presidential choice. It will be a first (I think) - a Republican and a Democrat on the same ticket (although in policy they are both Democrat). This is about the only think that McCain could do to trump the Democrat nominee - and grab Democrat votes in the process.

    When it happens remember my post - and know my batting average for prior predictions has been very high.

    One of my last ones early into the sideshow "debates" was the Fred Thompson would drop out and endorse his liberal friend John McCain. If you look back on some of the older comments I got sh_t for even suggesting that - but I was right on both - Fred Thompson did drop out AND Fred Thompson (a supposed conservative) did, and does, endorse liberal John McCain.

    Gloat, gloat, gloat. ;)

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