Friday, March 07, 2008

    Too Bad

    I'm sad that Ron Paul has withdrawn from the race. He did have much momentum but he was constantly bashed by "conservative" radio and TV. Now so-called "conservatives" have no choice - zero - all they have are three liberals - all of which will provide the USA with:
    • growing government
    • growing handouts
    • growing submission to global rule
    • growing oppression to business
    • growing oppression to individuals
    • growing socialistic unions
    • growing taxes
    • shrinking freedoms
    • shrinking self-responsibilities
    • shrinking achievement standards
    • shrinking jobs
    • shrinking wallets
    • shrinking leader of the world
    What Dr. Paul represents is a revolution - to return back to a time where American took care of herself without global interference. A time when we stood strong and minded our own business - just like we expected others to do with us.

    Ron Paul represented the most conservative of candidate - with appeal to either party. Yet idiotic fools like Bill O'Reilly and our local Lars Larson and all the others wanted to pick obvious loosers primarily, I think, because of their religious affiliation.

    This narrow vision of a candidate's religion has been a prime reason of the decline of those that seek self-determination and less government. It doesn't matter if you want to argue about it - this race has proven what I have always claimed.

    Well now you have your choice of 3 liberals to choose from. In my mind if you couldn't see the future in Ron Paul, what he stood for, and where we could have been then you were:
    • Too stupid to see
    • and/or too lazy to research what he's been saying for years - especially regarding our economy
    • and/or too mesmerized with a party lable and really don't care about policy
    • and/or too entranced with religious affiliations to, again, realize policy issues - both short and long term

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