Tuesday, March 04, 2008

    Why Boeing Lost

    When I moved to Oregon I had to take an electronic test for my driver's license - this was back in 2001 - as Oregon doesn't accept out-of-state licenses (which is dumb 'cause I've found OR drivers the worse in the country). The credits at the start of the test showed the manufacturer - a Canadian firm! Yep - at that time the electronic test for an Oregon driver's license was out-sourced to Canada! I thought WTF? You mean to say no one in my city - my state - my country - could have created this? I swear that is what when through my mind as I started the test.

    I watched Washington Governor Gregoire's statement about the US Air Force outsourcing a huge government defense contract for refueling tankers instead of awarding it to US firm Boeing - a company with decades of experience making tankers. I agree with everything she said with one exception - she put the focus entirely on President Bush.

    Now I'm no Bush fan but let's open our vision to reality. The office of the President can't spend a penny that Congress (Democrat) doesn't allocate. On top of that, all defense spending happens AFTER it is approved by the US Senate Appropriations Subcommittee - a committee composed of a majority of - Democrats. Who chairs this very powerful subcommittee - with mega-billions at stake? Democrat John P. Murtha, the fat old Senator from PA.

    You might remember Democrat Chairman Murtha back in the 1980's when he was videotaped willing to accept bribes from (who he thought were) Saudi nationals. In order to save his ass he ratted-out on two other Democrats (Thompson and Murphy).

    On the flip side after the funds were appropriated I would guess the top cat at the Air Force - the Secretary of the Air Force Michael Wynne - a Bush appointee - would be the final person that would approve outsourcing such a huge Air Force Defense contract.

    Turns out that Wynne worked one time or another for a couple of Boeing's competitors - Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics.

    Sue C. Payton, Assistant Secretary of the Air Force needs to be included in the chain too. She is the Air Force's service acquisition executive, responsible for all Air Force research, development and non-space acquisition activities. She also worked for Lockheed Martin - a competitor of Boeing's.

    The point? Our government should not be outsourcing anything - not the federal government, not local governments. From a driver's license test to major defense equipment to the software that guides our missiles - it should all stay in the USA with US tax dollars going back to the US tax payers.

    Check out Ron Paul's site - this has been his position all along. This is America and we need to take care of Americans and stop this billions-a-day outflow to other countries.

    Stop voting for a party
    Vote for America

    Vote for Ron Paul.

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