Thursday, March 13, 2008

    Want Real Financial Security?

    A couple of days ago the Federal Reserved pumped $280 billion into global markets and later that day the DJIA closed over 400 points. This fake stimulus trickery didn't last long - with the DJIA loosing for the next two days. The real reason for that unprecedented move was out of fear a large US bank was in trouble - Bear Sterns - and the move to stave off its collapse.

    A large part of financial woes in America - including job loss, falling dollar, trade deficit, etc. - can be resolved almost overnight by implementing just a few steps:
    • Overturn about 90% of the government mandates, rules, regulations, constraints, and other bureaucracy forced on businesses. In other words, allow business to do what they do best without government interference.
    • Stop 90% of the outpouring of US dollars to other countries and give them the chance to take care of themselves without interference from the US government.
    • End the power grasp of unions that force businesses into an uncompetitive position which inevitably forces businesses to shift labor to other countries or even causes the demise of the business.
    • Stop the Islamic war - you know, that one in Iraq where US taxpayers are spending (against their will) $275 million EACH DAY to fight not for freedom, but for one Islamic sect vs. another Islamic sect.
    • Cut taxes by 50% - easy if the above steps were implemented. People can't spend money they don't have, even if government sends out checks of play money.
    Do these steps and business will pull their outsourced jobs back to the US so fast there might not be enough workers; the dollar will soar on the global market, and the USA will once again be a financial powerhouse.

    However, I don't expect any of the above to happen - big government doesn't like to become smaller government and the stupid voters in the USA don't seem to care as their focus is Democrat vs. Republican.

    The game is fixed. Voters had a chance for real change but in ignorance they cry for bigger and bigger government, thinking in their ignorance that government will help them.

    The truth is: out of control government is the problem.

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