Monday, April 28, 2008

    Bad News For Progressives

    With Progressives scavenging for voters anywhere they can (illegals, dead people, felons, etc.) and promoting "same-day" (and even online) registration of unverified individuals the US Supreme Court has ruled today that states CAN require voters to product photo identification without violating the voter's constitutional rights.

    Gee - how novel - making sure a vote comes from a legal voter and voting just 1 time!

    Many Democratic liberals, along with their fringe "civil rights" groups, hate this concept for obvious reasons. Attempts to derail voter-vote validation by claiming minority voters would be deterred from voting failed. Gee - think their argument was just a lie anyway? Uh - yeah.

    The real test is whether states with Progressive politicians will make use of photo ID or not. I feel sorry for the citizens of a state over-run with Progressive politicians; it's always the legal citizens that suffer and pay the consequences for the actions of a handful of these scummy Progressives.

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