Saturday, April 26, 2008

    The Hate In Hate Crimes

    I'm on record that the concept of "hate crimes" is unconstitutional and based on inequitable racism and bigotry. It is a concept where the Federal Government (Gestapo) defines what "hate" is, what races, religions, and sexual orientations are to be tried in such "crimes", and what races, religions, and sexual orientations should not. Simply check out any so-called "hate crime" and reverse the player's sex or race or religion and it's easy to discover America no longer promotes equality.

    A most recent example is Jeremiah Munsen - plead guilty yesterday to a misdemeanor federal hate crime. Mr. Munsen is white and the Gestapo says if you are white and hold a hangman's noose near blacks then the State finds you guilty of "hate". So much for freedom of speech and freedom of expression. If you check out the story this fool should have been guilty of drunken driving, blocking traffic, and some other stupidities.

    Mr. Munsen was protesting in a non-violent manner the "civil rights" marchers that came out to support the black teenagers charged with choosing a white teen and beating the shit out of him.

    The so-called "Jena Six" were not charged with a "hate crime" because it's ok for blacks to attack and assault and brutalize white people - that's not considered a hate crime (must have been a love crime?), yet dangling loops of electrical extension cord and committing no act of violence IS a hate crime.

    If the "Jena Six" (such a cute name for a violent crime huh) were white teens that brutally attacked a black teen do you think they would have been charged by the Gestapo with a hate crime? Most definitely!

    If the "Jena Six" were white teens and Mr. Munsen was a black protester do you think the Gestapo would have charged him with a "hate crime". Not on you life!

    Progressives (liberals) have twisted America into a racist and bigoted country where the concept of equal rights has been replaced with perverted "civil rights" - "rights" and protections for those the Gestapo grants, no rights or protections for others.

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