Tuesday, April 15, 2008

    Barack Obama Speaks About Pope's Visit

    Some key points from Presidential hopeful Barack Obama speaking about Pope Benedict XVI (that's 16 for those that went to public school) visit to the United States:
    I'm appalled that President Bush and First Lady Laura Bush will greet this Pope. As President I will enforce the separation of church and state and my good friend Reverend Jeremiah Wright will help in this endeavor.
    Isn't it about time the world has a black pope? The Roman Catholic Church is an archaic monument to a white racist religion.
    This Pope does not hold my view on accepting with love our homosexual brothers and sisters and the rights they should have, including same sex marriage and protections in the workplace and full protections against discrimination. I will use the power of government to mandate love of all abnormal people, not the discrimination based on right vs. wrong or good vs. evil or normal vs. abnormal like this pope does.
    The world does not need a pope or a religion that has such a anti-choice stance when it comes to a woman's right to choose. If we must have a pope it should be a person that allows a mother the choice of mutilating their child as long as they do so before it is born.
    I truly believe the world is open to a pope that reflects my growing Liberal Progressive Order - a transgendered, pro-abortion, and pro gay black pope. If I'm president at such a time then even I might greet him/her/it.

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