Monday, April 14, 2008

    Why Can't Idiots Die Sooner?

    Remember about three years ago (after the 2005 active hurricane season) the Reverend Alberto Gore waved his arms, cried out to the world, and prophesied even further cataclysmic destruction from even more powerful and more frequent hurricanes? That global warming - a product of capitalism (according to him) - was to blame? That the world, especially America, must buy into his carbon credits to redeem itself?

    Turns out after all Gore's ranting and raving we've had a weak hurricane season year after year. Actually, one of Gore's disciples and key "scientist" that supported Gore's globular wacko link, Kerry Emanuel, has now changed his mind.

    More and more of the hierarchy around the world are proving Gore to be the idiot that the intelligent have always known.

    One of the worse presidents of modern times, 83 year old Jimmy "peanut brain" Carter, is at it again. This liberal is now showing his kindred spirit toward terrorists - toward Hamas - and was even given a souvenir rocket tail on his recent trip. Carter said:
    I think it's a despicable crime for any deliberate effort to be made to kill innocent civilians
    When I hear something like that I thought he was talking about Hamas and/or other radical Muslim groups - but no, he was talking about the attempts of Israel to defend herself. What is it with liberals and their affection for terrorist groups? Barf, barf, barf.

    Obama in Pittsburgh trying to "feel" the "pain" of the depressed manufacturing sector in that region? GET REAL! It's been the unions that have caused the loss of manufacturers and the jobs that went with them, yet, as I documented last week, Obama's primary goal as president is to strengthen the unions and to force even more companies to become unionized and swell the union ranks with signons of illegal aliens after he anoints them with amnesty. That sucking sound is your job disappearing!

    Idiots - and the idiot people that vote for the idiots. What ever happened to that promise of pandemics?

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