Sunday, April 20, 2008

    Human Leeches

    Sunday the local liberal rag, the Register Guard, had a small article titled County finds medical coverage for suspect. The newspaper seemed to print this article as if it were relieved that expensive medical care was finally found for a prisoner in the Yamhill County jail.

    As you might have guessed, this prisoner is an illegal alien - Gustavo Rogelio Mercado-Murillo. This illegal alien is a sex crime criminal. The article didn't give information about the criminal charges but detailed the concern this scumbag criminal would have his expensive $6,000 + per week kidney dialysis covered.

    So let's see what this Mexican leech is costing Oregonians:
    • Medical care: $300,000 per year

    • Basic prisoner cost: $24,665
    Total for this 1 illegal alien Mexican leach per year: $324,665. There are somewhere between 15-20+ millions leeches in the USA!

    There are hundreds if not thousands just in the Oregon prison system, and thousands more (thanks to uncaring fools like Governor Ted Kulongoski and Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy - and they keep telling us they need more taxes.

    That's money from working Oregonians. That's a cell that should be occupied by a legal resident, not a free care center for some illegal Mexican sex pervert.

    In the meantime jails throughout Oregon are forced to release prisoners because of lack of funds. There are hundreds, if not thousands, illegal alien leeching criminals in Oregon.

    Oregonians don't need more taxes, we need laws enforced and the illegal scum and their illegal families OUT of our state. The Eugene - Springfield area has a growing Latino population - gee, wonder why? Because a handful of liberal idiots are giving them a free pass, free handouts (like Food for Lane County), and totally ignore their legal status. As this happens, 99.5% of the legal people are forced to pay - and suffer.

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