Wednesday, April 09, 2008

    In Obama's Amerika - 3 of 5

    What does President Obama have planned for our nation? I have found a questionnaire given this year by the NAACP to both Democratic candidates - the NAACP is a racist group that only supports Democrats and only Democrats danced to their demands.

    If elected President, what if any steps would you take regarding publicly funded vouchers to allow students to attend private school?
    We need to invest in our public schools and strengthen them, not drain their fiscal support. And for this reason I do not support vouchers. In the end, vouchers would reduce the options available to children in need. I fear these children would truly be left behind in a private market system.

    Mr. Obama has fears, but only because there would be a mass-exodus from the failed government indoctrination monopoly (public school system). Mr. Obama's concern is not about giving children the same opportunity that private school children have, but for protecting the school unions that have infested the government schools.

    Government has a hideous monopoly on the brains of the future of America, and this government indoctrination, union infested, failed system continues to fail year after year in producing students that excel in competitive skills - even with the mega-billions that continued to be pumped into the machine.

    Mr. Obama fears the success of private schools, of charter schools, of home schooling. Mr. Obama is smart, and he knows once parents of poor children realize they have a choice for the better, and they choose other than the government machine, that mass-exodus will happen - and it will happen fast.

    Mr. Obama knows once that exodus happens the huge teacher's union will weaken - greatly. Mr. Obama knows if there is a competitive option for parents the choice will be made that will offer the best for their children - and that leaves the union infested monopoly out.

    Welcome to the perverted kountry of President Obama - an Amerika where children of the poor and needy are forced into government schools infested with teachers that don't care, academic programs that are inferior, challenges are non-existent, illegal aliens dilute a student's progress and steal resources, and strip parents of the choice that should be their right.

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