Thursday, April 10, 2008

    In Obama's Amerika - 4 of 5

    What does President Obama have planned for our nation? I have found a questionnaire given this year by the NAACP to both Democratic candidates - the NAACP is a racist group that only supports Democrats and only Democrats danced to their demands.

    If elected President, what basic elements would you include in any proposal to reform our Nations immigration laws?
    ...I fought to improve and pass amendments to put greater emphasis on keeping immigrant families together and to revisit a controversial new points system ... We need to be realistic about the fact that they are here, we can't deport them, and they have become an integral part of our society. We need to give this population a chance to pay a fine, to have provisional status in the country, and to get into the back of the line for citizenship.

    Amnesty - no matter what words you surround amnesty with, it is still amnesty. Mr. Obama talks tough but he and his union bosses have a strong vested interest in seeing the 15-20 million illegal aliens (a phrase he nor the NAACP never uses) in obtaining citizenship. Note that the NAACP places this question under "civil rights" and not under criminal justice!

    From the National Labor College in Arizona in one of their course descriptions - a course called "Immigration and Labor":

    Many unions have seen that their future depends largely on their success in recruiting members among the growing low-wage immigrant workforce. And they have been rewarded with increasing numbers of immigrant members.

    This course will help union people understand current immigration issues and take advantage of opportunities to work with immigrant advocates to broaden labor's struggle for economic justice.
    No matter what Mr. Obama does he does so for the survival and strengthening of the unions - not for the best interest of the United States.

    Welcome to the perverted kountry of President Obama - an Amerika where individuals and business are forced into government sponsored, government sanctioned union infestation. Where unions will dictate the price consumers pay for everything, where unions dictate if you will even be able to travel from point A to point B without a strike. Where business falter, individual rights vanish, and growing oppression becomes the norm. You will pay more to the government, and you will pay to the union. This is Mr. Obama's Amerika for you.

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