Friday, April 11, 2008

    In Obama's Amerika - 5 of 5

    What does President Obama have planned for our nation? I have found a questionnaire given this year by the NAACP to both Democratic candidates - the NAACP is a racist group that only supports Democrats and only Democrats danced to their demands.

    The past four days I looked at four questions from their questionnaire – out of over 30 questions. Each and every one of the questions are rooted in support of socialism, the advancement of socialism, and the decay of democracy in America.

    Universal Health Care? Just an issue to take the pressure off of unions since health care is a major cost issue in their contracts. Why not force an entire country to pay for Alice’s fat 300 pound diabetes problems or Joe’s smoking complications - takes the heat off the unions.

    Throughout the questionnaire and whenever you listen to Mr. Obama, he likes those socialist terms like “equality” and “justice” – but his definitions are not my definitions. To me equality means equal – no special privileges for one sector of society at the cost of freedom from others. Mr. Obama likes to constantly use the guilt card, especially when talking about illegal aliens – but he never refers to this criminal element as such, and those that want the law enforced belittles and calls “anti-immigration”. An old liberal twist of words – but intelligent people are aware.

    Our nation is so deep in debt but he has no problems paying off loans of other countries – especially if they are in Africa or have a significant Muslim population. Read it for yourself.

    Mr. Obama talks of justice yet where was his justice when he defended a slum lord in Chicago? Mr. Obama is a man living in fear – a fear embedded in his mind by over 20 years of brain washing by a racist “minister”. His fears are already costing American taxpayers millions in the Secret Service protection he requested – and requested for him by Rev. Wright – the false fear that whites were going to be out to get him. What a racist stereotyping hateful person Mr. Obama is, and we’re flipping the bill for his Secret Service comfort zone.

    Are you sure you really know the real Obama – the choice for president by a great majority of Muslims? Ever wonder why Muslims prefer him to any one else?

    Welcome to the perverted kountry of President Obama - an Amerika where the principles of socialism are protected and advanced and the Constitutional rule is trodden under foot. You will pay more to the government, and you will pay to the union, and you will pay, pay, and then pay more . This is Mr. Obama's Amerika for you.

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