Wednesday, May 07, 2008

    There's Beauty In Death

    William Earl Lynd shot his live-in girlfriend, Ginger Moore, in 1988 while the two were high on Valium, marijuana and alcohol. Lynd shot Moore in the face, then shot her again when she crawled from the house to the porch.
    He loaded her body into the trunk of her car and then, after hearing a noise from the trunk, shot her a third time. After burying her, he drove to Ohio, where he shot and killed another woman.
    A medical examiner had testified that Moore was alive when Lynd put her in the trunk.

    William Earl Lynd was executed last night at 7:51 p.m. - never to threaten another person; never to kill another person - gone - dead - forever. No chance for parole, no worry about escape. You're dead you murdering scumbag.

    In this I see one less scumbag in the world and the world just a tiny bit more beautiful.

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