Wednesday, July 16, 2008

    Your Caring Government

    Decades ago my grandparents emigrated legally from Italy to the USA. Like others at that time part of the process to enter America was a medical inspection to check a variety of problems - from pregnancy to scalp infections to various other ailments. That was when the US government's goal was to protect the legal residents and citizens already here.

    Our government is opposite from those days. In addition to allowing over 15 million illegal aliens into our country - at a social cost of over $500 BILLION - now Progressives wish to lift the ban on HIV/AIDS infected immigrants! While homosexuals might jump for joy in their pink tights Progressives have no problem intentionally putting our country at risk with infected bodies - along with who know what other diseases these unchecked aliens are infested with.

    HIV/AIDS has no cure - it's a virus - a deadly virus which is rampant among the homosexual community. Some that appear heterosexual (normal) can get infected by promiscuous sex, especially with strangers - or (rarely) through blood transfusions.

    These infected aliens will be the cheap labor that cooks your food at a restaurant or a low experienced medical aid at your local government hospital, or even perform yard work at the school your children go to. Aside from the infectious nature the tremendous strain on our already-strained healthcare system will be huge.

    Under the Ryan White CARE Act non-citizens, including illegal aliens, are entitled to "HIV/AIDS-related care and treatment, immunizations for children, non-Medicaid funded public health services, tuberculosis screening and treatment, and testing and treatment of communicable diseases."

    Senators John Kerry (Democrat from Massachusetts) and Gordon Smith (Republican from Oregon) - both Progressive politicians - have proposed lifting this ban. Senator Barack Obama is also for lifting the ban.

    The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates that 4,300 immigrants with HIV/AIDS would enter the U.S. annually by 2013.

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