Tuesday, July 29, 2008

    It's A Mad House!

    Every feel like yelling those words of Charlton Heston from Planet of the Apes? It seems like the politicians that are calling the shots and forcing the citizens to comply with their insanity are also getting people to realize this Democrat-controlled Congress is a Mad House!

    The news on the bucks front is that Bush will leave with the biggest deficit in history. Anyone that has taken Government 101 will know that the President cannot spend taxpayer money that Congress hasn't voted for - so in reality Bush will leave office with the biggest Pelosi deficit in history.

    The Democrat-controlled Congress has gone wild bailing itself out of the failed government programs with BILLIONS of your dollars that were suppose to bring homes to those that couldn't afford them and homes to those with poor repayment histories. This same government forced the private banking sector to be part of their grand scheme of "generosity", now with repercussions of the typical government mismanagement and destruction that always happens when government tries to pretend they know something about business.

    Then you have BILLIONS that the Democrat-controlled Congress gave away to millions of people that did - absolutely nothing - to "fix" the economy. Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats want more checks sent out, but the fools know nothing about business nor what makes an economy work. You would think by now this stupid Democrat-controlled Congress would know you can't just throw money at something as if it were magic dust.

    Then you have some Democrats that don't even care about real issues and are fueled by their hate of President Bush - like Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich - that thinks his dumb impeachment push is more important to Americans than our economy, healthcare, gas prices, employment, and our dependency on foreign oil. On his website he uses a figure of a gas pump to claim the price if they don't impeach is somehow linked to gas prices. Democrats are saying anything and everything to distract from reality.

    How about Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi - our country is falling apart economically, parents can barely buy their kids school supplies, gas prices are robbing families of needed money (over 70% of Americans want offshore drilling) - and this BITCH could care less - she's off giggling on a national tour to promote her new book! That is your caring Democrat-controlled Congress.

    Democrats love to reminisce of how former "I let terrorists train in America" President Bill Clinton left with a budget surplus - they don't tell you the reason - it was a Republican-controlled Congress that limited Clinton and what he could spend.

    The absolute worse economic record-setting debt and mismanagement has taken place in the last 1.5+ years of the Democrat-controlled Congress. They don't care about America - just their special interest fanatics. With all this debt the Democrat-controlled Congress is voting on spending BILLIONS for "international families" and UN projects!

    Behold - the great Democrat Change for America - enjoy it - YOU voted them in!

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