Monday, July 28, 2008

    Oregon's Real Jeff Merkley

    Ok, so I've seen the commercials from Gordon Smith and his claims against Jeff Merkley, then I've seen the Merkley commercials about Gordon Smith. The Smith ads just spew out facts and figures while the Merkley ads are based on getting an emotional response with phrases like "sides with Bush…" and "sides with big oil…" - you know the hate talk.

    So I decided to check for myself on the voting record of Jeff Merkley (JM) to find out if his voting pattern would be one that would be counter-productive to the citizens of Oregon. Here's a little of what I found from the Project Vote Smart site - full of boring facts and short on emotional stuff:

    HB = House Bill, SB = Senate Bill
    • JM voted to increase the Tobacco Tax - HB 2967
    • JM voted to increase Property Taxes - SB 1106
    • JM voted to lower the age children are forced into government schools - SB 392
    • JM voted against Oregon offshore drilling taking away possible billions of $$$ in revenue for the State of Oregon and keeping the USA from becoming more energy self sufficient - SB 790
    • JM voted for government to dictate what food items can and cannot be sold (eaten) at public schools - HB 2650
    • JM voted in favor of government intrusion into the mortgage industry - HB 3603
    • JM voted in favor to use taxpayer's money to fund private stem cell research - HB 2801
    • JM voted in favor of government intrusion into the Payday loan industry - HB 2203
    How does Jeff Merkley rate with special interest groups?

    Abortion: He's totally in favor of killing babies before they are born (so much for his claim about caring for children huh?). He's supported the interests of Planned Parenthood (what a joke) and NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon. Sort of contradictory to his 100% rating with the "Oregon Stand for Children" socialist front.

    Taxes and spending: The Taxpayer Association of Oregon gives Jeff Merkley a 0% rating - which means he is a danger to taxpayers - you and me no matter what your political party!

    Business (where jobs are): The Oregon National Federation of Independent Businesses gave Jeff Merkley a rating of 22% - pretty darn close to anti-business as you can get - translation: Jeff Merkley is bad for businesses.

    "Civil rights": Jeff Merkley gets a 80% rating by the ACLU of Oregon - so we know he's a card-carrying pimp for the ACLU.

    Gun rights: Jeff Merkley thinks only criminals should possess guns and the NRA has, over all Merkley's political career, given him an "F". I mean really - just look at the list and see the majority of Democrats that want you and I to be defenseless!

    Illegal aliens: Jeff Merkley doesn't believe in such a term and has been given an 80% favorable rating by the Oregonians for Immigration Reform - one of those liberal trick labels that really is a front to allow amnesty and illegals into Oregon and the USA.

    Labor: Jeff Merkley is most definitely a union puppet - bought and paid for by the American Federation of Teachers-Oregon, the Oregon AFL-CIO, and the SEIU Public Employees Union. You can count on Jeff Merkley raising your taxes simply by supporting more powerful union presence throughout the government, education, and public services sectors - and you and I will pay for it.

    So facts on his political position are: greater taxes, greater government controls, growing government even bigger that it is, and being a puppet for unions and their extortionist interests - Oregonians can not afford Jeff Merkley!

    I know, lots of boring facts huh - and who the hell cares about facts these days?

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