Friday, July 18, 2008

    Those Starbucks Oregon Closures

    You can see the full list of all 600 Starbucks store closures here (PDF). Three of these are in Portland, one in Beaverton, one in Hillsboro, and one in Tillamook.

    One of the Portland stores closing (the Division Street store) was fought by loving Progressives during its development and construction, and these same loving caring Progressives firebombed and busted out three of their windows the evening after it opened in 2004.

    In 2007, at that same store, a loving - caring - tolerant Progressive threw their mocha Venti (the largest candy bar drink) into the manager's face. My guess is if I were to visit that area I'd find homeless scum in the streets and parks; and an economically and socially depressed area of the city. I know that because it is inevitably the results of the Progressive government - either now or will be.

    If Starbucks had to close stores I hope their choice of closures were in communities where such loving Progressives were against free enterprise. I'd like to hope the Progressives are responsible in part for the over 10,000 Starbuck employees affected nationwide. Maybe it was the forced high minimum wage to all those highly skilled employees that press a button and hand you a coffee drink - forced by a growing government.

    Progressives - in their hatred of free enterprise and actually anything short of big government - are destroying jobs, wages, personal security, and even - most recently - freedom of speech. Yet, these are the same leaches that cry "civil rights" and "tolerance" and "equality". The words that come from their lips in no way match what they practice.

    Continue to enjoy the Progressiveness of the Democrat Controlled Congress and the Nancy Pelosi budget.

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