Wednesday, July 23, 2008

    Oregonians To Vote For Children First

    In Oregon's November 4 general election one of the ballot measures to vote on will be to tie teacher's pay to their job performance.

    How novel - you are paid more for doing a better job, while if you do a poor job you will get paid less. Considering this is directly tied to a child's education - poor teacher = poor student; good teacher = better student - the consequences fall upon the child.

    Who would be against rewarding higher performing teachers?

    1 - The teacher's union - they're priority is union workers, not the student. Their current pay is based on seniority, so a very poor teacher with 5 years experience would be paid the same as a high-performing great teacher. This short changes both the better teachers and the students - yet is the way unions operate;

    2 - Liberals and all "Progressives" - this category falls mainly in the party of Democrats but would include some Republicans - all committed to unions and union survival. The educational excellence of the child is a bottom priority.

    The choice is rather simple - you favor the best for the education of Oregon's children attending government schools or you favor unions.

    Even if this passes it will still need to get by the liberal union-supporting judges in Oregon that I think would invalidate the will of the people (as they have done in the past) in favor of unions. Yes, Oregon has their share of judges on the take and owned by union bosses.

    We will see if I'm right, and we will see who those judges are!

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