Wednesday, August 20, 2008

    Of Crisis Management And Chicken Scum

    There have been occasions when a fire fighter has intentionally started a fire so they could become a hero figure upon putting it out. Do you think a person that started a crisis should be recognized as the solution to a crisis? Obviously not.

    How about a company that makes poor management decisions then drives their company into a financial crisis - on the edge of bankruptcy - should the company that caused the crisis be recognized as the solution to the crisis? Obviously not.

    How about a political ideology within a country (like the USA) or throughout the world (global) that creates the appearance of a crisis - even though there really is no crisis. Should this same political ideology of large government control be trusted with controlling what they either caused or fabricated? Would you surrender your freedom for the sake of such fabrications? I would hope not.

    My near future posts will deal with the growing American socialist movement within our growing government and how they use "crisis" to manipulate, with the media help, the population of our country and of the world. From Y2K crisis, global warming crisis, credit crisis, hunger crisis, education crisis, mortgage crisis, financial crisis, labor crisis, energy crisis, poverty crisis, etc. infinitum - all fabricated - all a fraud - all for control through fear.

    I've got to post on this article yesterday on a pro-Obama union website. The title is Ohio poultry workers: Poster-child for Employee Free Choice Act. It focuses on a guy named Ken Brown, a worker at the Case Farms poultry plant and why his situation (by his own choice) is reason to force all workers to lose their freedom of a private vote.

    This guy is a typical pro-Obama union supporter and fits the profile of a Progressive to a tee. This guy is 55 and has worked at this slaughter house for 20 years. For those of you math-challenged that means since he was 35 Mr. Brown elected to make a career of plucking chickens or something and now has a wage of $8.10 an hour.

    My intelligent readers would immediately just shake their heads and probably wonder why this pro-Obama supporter never went back to school, never made the choice to improve his skills, and just made the choice to to the least amount possible in life - waiting for someone like Barack Obama to come along and give him "what he deserves".

    Another brain wizard pro-Obama union dude is Guy Torch - 59 - and his highly marketable skills are making waxed containers for chicken meat. He whines and cries (yet never improved his skills so he could leave) about the plant - no ventilation, no water fountain, temps up to 120 (sweaty workers), etc. (Remember that next time you eat that chicken!)

    Then you have some Puerto Rican whining in Spanish that the chicken meat moves too fast for her and her fingers freeze and her arms have been injured. BTW, "The great majority of the workers, Mullins said, are immigrants from Guatemala and Romania." Just count the number of times "Spanish" appears in the article.

    So this is the type of losers that make up the Barack Obama pro Union-NOW group. People that want more for doing unskilled work a robot can do, that demand all other workers lose their right to a private vote as Barack Obama wants, and are probably pumping out children they can't afford - yet you and I will pick up their bill.

    I'd suggest to that plant to either close their doors and let these losers be free of their horror or revamp their operations using mechanical devices - again - freeing these whiners from their agony.

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