Tuesday, August 19, 2008

    Susceptible To Brainwashing

    When a cult entices young children into their group a common practice to break the trust factor between child and parent is to saturate (repeat) the young mind with a negative view of what they have put their trust in - the parent. Often this will take the form of "your mother and father won't allow you to have ---" and before long, the child is convinced "---these people are right, my parents won't allow me to have ---".

    Altering a person's values is critical to Socialists (aka, Liberals, aka Progressives). Anyone can take a step back from what is going on in America and get the big view - but it takes a strong mind to see this.

    For example, the companies that refine smelly sticky crude oil and provide it in a form for you to easily use are a current target of this brainwashing. Companies that help get to work or play or your gas-powered tools are called your enemy. The brain washers try and manipulate your personal greed for cheaper gas with a faceless company that has a bigger greed for profits. While a little of free enterprise (not fully since Liberal politicians manipulate the oil industry) is taking place the Socialists saturate the population that free enterprise is bad - that you are suffering while "big oil" is getting rich (government is getting rich but they leave that part out). This perception of companies helping you is so warped that Democrats use it in negative campaign ads - so-and-so gave "big oil" tax breaks, etc. Some Democrats have even gone on record that the oil industry should be under Socialist control - even bigger government than we currently have.

    Another example is the drug industry. Here you have companies that invest billions to bring drugs that will help people - yet Socialists use the same tactics as they do with the oil industry. Socialists have been saturating the population, manipulating the minds, that the drug industry isn't good - it's evil.

    For Socialism to strengthen they must remove the foundation of what made America great - free enterprise, democracy, freedom, and less government. Targeting the few remaining American companies as the enemy is necessary to their goals. Convincing you government control would be better is what makes Socialism what it is. Using the power of government to force companies into mandatory union labor agreements is extremely important and required for Socialism to survive - although America as a economic leader - will die.

    Have you been brainwashed who and what the real enemy is?

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