Friday, August 08, 2008

    Damage Control - QUICK!

    Well finally that lying John Edwards admitted cheating on his cancerous wife and having an affair with a campaign worker. Just another scumbag Liberal and as I preach, there is not one liberal that can be trusted. Either they cheat on their wife or they cheat their constituents and go to bed with the unions - or worse. They are all alike.

    Time for the liberals to go into their well-experienced damage control mode. Top priority - take the focus off one of their leaders and attempt to redirect it on the right (there's a reason they call us "right"). They will make silly little charges of talk show hosts being hate mongers, or they will bring up liberals that were RINOs in disquise that were caught in some sort of sexual activity. Doesn't matter - the focus is immediate damage control.

    Next step is justification - that what John Edwards did was his own private affair and has no bearing on how he would conduct his political business. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Moral character, trustworthiness, honesty - they all are of the top-most concern - at least to conservatives.

    What if that woman was a foreign agent? What if Monica Lewinsky was a foreign agent - with access right into the oval office and the President's pants? Don't be deceived by what Liberals (Progressives) try and tell you is important when it comes to managing a nation.

    Remember, while Bill was getting serviced he and his Democrat staff were letting the 9/11 Muslims train on simulators in our own country, so don't try and tell me a politician's morality and trustworthiness doesn't matter.

    And please - don't use the most stupid of all arguments from Liberals - he's just a man - it's JIVE. I'm just hoping the affairs Obama had are made public before the election. In the mean time it wouldn't surprise me if Edwards is the poster boy at the Democratic Convention to represent honor and integrity.

    Also expect Liberal sites to have their comments extra-moderated - even more than usual!

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