Friday, August 08, 2008

    Are You Afraid To Ask?

    It's a simple YES or NO question. Do it for each candidate - or are you afraid?

    In my daily union email I get this from the AFL/CIO:
    Last week brought us news of Wal-Mart pressuring employees to vote against Democrats like Jeff Merkley who are fighting for working families. Now we're learning that corporate front groups are taking it a step further and unleashing vicious, misleading attacks on Merkley.
    Oh - that's odd - the only pressure I know in the workplace is from union bosses ordering their members how to vote. Their mailings include all sorts of lies and misrepresentations to convince their little union clogs to vote the Union Way. The most important goal of this election is to tip the balance even farther in the (already failed) currently Democratic Controlled Congress to this legislation passes. That is why unions are pouring over $100 MILLION into the coffers of their political puppets - it is crucial to their survival.

    One of the hot tactics unions are trying to get their political puppets (politicians, mostly Democrat) to pass is deceptively called Employee Free Choice Act. Union bosses claim it will "restore workers' freedom to form unions and bargain without employer harassment".

    Workers already have the freedom to vote for a union or not - there is nothing to restore. That this legislation does, if passed in your state - or worse - the federal government as Senator Obama wants - would take away workers freedom to vote without fear.

    If passed - the Employee Free Choice Act JIVE would force a worker's vote to be known to fellow workers and union bosses, thus opening that worker up for harassment - or something worse.

    In this hot political arena this is one test to determine if your candidate of choice is a union puppet - bought and paid for by unions (and thus beholding to them) or if your candidate represents his constituents. Just ask your candidate this 1 simple question:

    Do you support the right of a vote to remain private?

    Jeff Merkley of Oregon does not support the most fundamental of an individual's freedom.

    Jeff Merkley is just another union puppet - just ask him the question.

    It's a simple YES or NO question. Do it for each candidate - or are you afraid?

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