Monday, August 11, 2008

    Protection Or Handouts?

    A couple of days ago the Register Guard (that liberal rag I sometimes reference) ran their opinion about a recent incident near Florence, Oregon - in Lane County. The title of their article was When no one responds - a homeowner that had some young guy shooting a gun toward their home and police were unable to send anyone to help her. She wasn't hurt and they eventually found out who it was and arrested the 20 y/o guy.

    What are noteworthy are the last several paragraphs and their Liberal mindset I've posted about before - Register Guard sets the stage for some liberal politician and/or tax increase. After putting a bit of scare in the reader their last 3 paragraphs deliver the punch - voters better vote for tax increases or else!

    This is the same tactic the RG used with their Liberal Eugene Mayor - Kitty Piercy - and I alerted you to that scam back on August 4. The RG is again, the front line to prep the population for the big tax coming upon voters: Live in fear or pay up!

    I've also posted in the past how Liberal governments operate when they are faced with budget cuts. They will always cut law enforcement that impact everyone before cutting their social handout programs - that impact a very tiny percent of the population yet cost taxpayers MILLIONS each year. The Liberal, uneducated, idiots running Lane County are no exception.

    In Lane County the total expenditures for the FY 08-09 period for the Department of Health and Human Services alone is $85,422,273! The largest share of this goes to "LaneCare" - only concocted back in 1996 is a public insurance company that contracts with mental health providers to offer a full continuum of services. If you want a hand out simply say you can't think "right" - in English or Spanish of course.

    Oh yeah - faced with huge budget cutbacks including law enforcement maybe you should know their social services handout machine bought a building in downtown Eugene for $7.9 MILLION, and just finished renovations (with all union workers of course) costing $9 MILLION - more than the building itself!

    So if you want to know the real reason the police isn't around when you need them think of their growing social services department and their new home - all to house their growing social handout machine for the illegal aliens, the illegal alien's children, drug addicts and their families they can't afford to have, scummy people flocking to Lane Country from other areas, and all of the growing staff to support their monolith to socialism - bilingual, of course.

    Voters need to vote these Liberals OUT of our lives before it's too late!

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